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Ghost Town Cover Art
Ghost Town
Hound of Hades: Book Three
A month ago, Mal was ordered to close a gate between Hades's realm and the mortal world--by killing Hades's last surviving priestess, one of her only friends. She hesitated, and saved her friend's life. Now the city is paying the price.

Two spirits are haunting the streets of Manhattan, and one of them has a body count. Victims have been turning up all over the city, each killing more vicious than the last, and the only way to stop it is to send the spirits back where they belong--before they grow too strong for even Hades to control.

If Mal can't return them to the afterlife, she'll pay a price of her own. When she let the spirits slip through the gate, she violated a fundamental law of the underworld: the worlds of the living and the dead must remain separate at all costs. For this betrayal of her god, only one punishment exists--she will be stripped of Hades's Mark. And the only way to remove a god's Mark is to destroy the bearer's soul.