Coming January 24, 2020!

Death Trace Cover Art
Death Trace
Hound of Hades: Book One
Mal Keyne came back from the dead five years ago. Since then, she's been fixing the god Hades's problems for him--the kind that are best solved with a bullet. In the secret war between the gods, discretion is the name of the game, and Mal's got it covered.

But there's a new player in town, someone with power that doesn't work the way a god's power should. They're strong enough to risk open war with Hades, and reckless enough to disregard the one rule all the gods can agree on: keep the mortals in the dark. And they're assassinating Hades's agents all over the city--including one of the two people Mal actually trusted.

With the help of a sheltered priestess, and a magic-wielding mortal who may or may not be on her side, Mal is going to hunt down the people--and gods--responsible. And she's going to show them why you don't mess with the god of death.