Zoe Cannon Author Photo
Zoe Cannon, Author
Zoe Cannon leads a double life. By day, she wrangles a baby whose survival instincts haven't kicked in yet and a dog who should be old enough to know better. By night, she applies her wrangling skills to her characters, who are not nearly as well-behaved. She reads whenever she has a spare moment, regularly inflicts unexpected philosophical questions on her husband, and thinks big dogs are the best dogs.

Some facts about Zoe:
  • Favorite dessert: Brownie sundaes!
  • Favorite movie: Time to watch movies? With a baby to wrangle and books to write? That's awfully optimistic.
  • Character from her books she most resembles: Either Lissa or Bastian from the Hound of Hades series. (But she kind of wishes she were Mal instead.)
  • Comment she most frequently gets from strangers: "Wow, that is a big dog!"
  • Ideal day: Swimming in the ocean, cuddle time with the family, a big bowl of ice cream, and then sitting down to write an easy two chapters.