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God is dead. Hell is restless. And one former guardian angel is fighting for justice--at any cost. If you like noir urban fantasy, you'll love Nic Ward.
Nothing Sacred: Nic Ward Book One
When human justice fails, the desperate call me.

You know things are bad when a fallen angel is one of the good guys. Only I'm not much more than human myself now. Not since I lost my magic in the war that defeated the big boss in Heaven for good.

I stay away from the supernatural these days. I've got enough regular old human wrongs to right without borrowing trouble I no longer have the firepower to handle. Besides, I paid my dues in the war, and have the scars to prove it. If anyone deserves a little peace and quiet, it's me.

That rule worked great until today. Now there's a beautiful woman on my doorstep with a demon problem. She's too innocent for the world she's stumbled into. She doesn't stand a chance on her own. But if I let her in, it's only a matter of time before this job brings me face to face with the consequences of what I did in the war--the secret I've worked so hard to leave behind.
For dark urban fantasy about a jaded half-fae and a global corporate conspiracy, try the first book of the Iron Bound urban fantasy series for free:
No Promises: Iron Bound Book One
I used to be a hero. Then I grew up.

I'm Kieran Thorne, the world's only living half-fae. The gig comes with a few perks--immortality, magic I can't control, fae assassins constantly on my heels. And the chance to protect the good and the powerless against those who are neither.

For hundreds of years, that's what I did. Until I got tired of the humans I saved repaying me by burning me at the stake or shooting me in the heart. I traded in my white hat for a mansion on the beach, and started living by a new creed: look out for myself, and let the humans solve their own problems.

But now Winter fae are going missing, and someone has planted a trail of evidence leading right to my door. I have two choices: let Queen Mab's feral enforcer carve me to bits, or help her find the real culprit.

Looks like I'm back in the hero business. But this time, I'll remember the lesson it cost me so much to learn:

There are no good people in this world, and no righteous causes. Humanity is corrupt. The fae are cruel and vicious. Me? I'm a little of both.
For urban fantasy thrillers featuring an assassin for the god Hades, read the first book of the Hound of Hades series for free:
Death Trace: Hound of Hades Book One
It's been ten years since Mal died. Five years since the god Hades dragged her from the underworld and forged her, through blood and pain, into his living weapon. And in five minutes, the only other agent of Hades she trusts will die.

Someone is assassinating Hades's agents all over New York City. If Mal can't find the one responsible, she'll be next--if she's lucky. If not, she'll watch everything she cares about go up in flames first.

Mal didn't choose this life. But now it's all she has. And she'll be damned if she lets anyone--human or god--take what is hers.
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