Zoe Cannon Author Photo
Zoe Cannon, Author and Undercover Wizard
I'm Zoe Cannon, also known as Z.J. Cannon. As Z.J. Cannon, I write urban fantasy thrillers about dark magic, darker heroes, and damaged characters with serious baggage (well-adjusted protagonists need not apply). If you like your urban fantasy gritty, twisty, and constantly walking the line between cynicism and heart, you're in the right place.

As Zoe Cannon, I write short fiction, usually on the darker side and almost always fantasy or science fiction. (My first urban fantasy series, Hound of Hades, is also published as Zoe Cannon, at least for now. Long story.)

I live in southern New Hampshire with my husband, my daughter (I've written more than one story to the soundtrack of Baby Shark), and a giant dog who thinks we're all a flock of sheep in need of herding. I read whenever I have a spare moment, regularly inflict unexpected philosophical questions on my husband, and think big dogs are the best dogs.